Monday, June 27, 2011

White Pants - 5 Rules Every Woman Should Follow

The next time you consider slipping on those fabulous white capris or jeggings, please heed the following White Pants Rules for Fashion Success:

1. Make sure they fit! This seems so obvious, but I see so many women jelly-rolling out of their pants these days, and white magnifies everything . We aren't at Pep Boys, ladies, so please keep your spare tires to yourself.

2. Wear flesh-colored panties. I know the Hello Kitty pair you own is just adorable, but spare the rest of us from staring at your backside like it's a train wreck, m'kay?

3. Cheddar butt. You know who you are. Slap on some Spanx, please.

4. All-over white only looks good on thin women, and even the skinny minies should try to switch it up a little by coordinating their look with a black bag or a colorful accent piece.

5. Is there a chance of rain today? If so, just say no. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

A tip a day keeps the fashion police at bay! Happy shopping, ladies.

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