Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jerk Bomb

You know it the moment it happens. You've met this "really great guy" at a bar or online, and so far your texting lingo consists of flirty banter, xoxo sign-offs and awkwardly self-captured pics of your hidden tattoos. Then he hits you with The Jerk Bomb. Sometimes it's subtle and sometimes not-so-much, but your response is always the same. 

Everything seemed to be going fine up until this moment, and then he texts something that sends the red flag platoon marching down your arm, making you set your phone down in shock and/or disbelief. What's funny (or sad) about this particular situation is that you don't even really know this guy, yet you immediately start making excuses for him. Oh, he was just joking or he didn't mean it that way

Let me stop you all right here, ladies. When you get that icky feeling in your gut because of something a guy does or says, do not start making excuses for him! He's a big boy, and he is saying exactly what he means. When you make excuses for his behavior, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment and a potentially dramatic parking lot scene later on. 

If something a guy says doesn't jive with your morals or romance etiquette, you need to let him know it. And, if he can't handle your honesty, then did he really deserve to be with you in the first place? I think not. It's time to "delete contact" and move on. Trust me, you and your heart will thank me later.

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