Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yummy goodness at Orlando Food Truck Bazaar - Avalon Park

I headed out to Avalon Park this evening for yet another fantastic visit to's Orlando Food Truck Bazaar. I had intended on bringing my awesome, spankin' new business cards, but as all disasters in my life go, I couldn't bring them because my mailbox was broken. Don't ask me how or why. All I know is that I went to check my mail and the door to the community mailbox was off its hinge and there was a pink sticky that said "Door broken. Mail removed." A quick call to the USPS revealed that my mail was sitting in some postal worker's truck and would be returned this week once the door was fixed. Super-diddly-do. Anyway, I digress...

It was blazing hot today, so my main goal once I got to Avalon Park was to locate water. While in line at Big Wheel Provisions Truck, my goal turned from thirst-quenching to flirting with Cute Guy in Line. He was just standing there, sipping on his Snapple and looking all relaxed and adorable. Before I had a chance to get my flirt on, it was my turn to order. Oh, yay! Back to the task at hand. T.A. was there, ready with water, and I also ordered some DIVINE cheese grit cakes. It was so great to be able to swipe my credit card and go. Next time I will take advantage of their Square option and just "put it on my tab". All this newfangled technology. So fancy and fun.

T.A. from Big Wheel Provisions Truck 
swiping my credit card using Square.

Cute Guy in Line - aka Dave. And his Snapple. Both yummy.

After gulping down my water and sharing some cheese grit cake love with LBD&Beyond's Sarah B. and friends, I headed over to The Dandelion Communitea Cafe and shared a nibble of some  ├╝ber delicious (and organic!) caramel apple cake. 

Organic and delightful - Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Still craving some cold refreshment, I made a beeline for the Sunset Ice truck and enjoyed a heavenly mix of Lemon and Pina Colada. Sarah B. and her husband Richie went for the Mango, which was a smooth and fruity concoction.

Beating the heat with Sunset Italian Ice

Before I left, I ran into a sweet couple - Jon and Danielle, along with Danielle's furry babies, Buster and Paxton. The couple has been together for two years, and they say living in a bigger city gives them more opportunities to visit events like this one, which helps their relationship grow stronger after long work weeks apart from each other. So what you're saying is I should bring a date next time? Hmmmm....

Danielle and Jon with Buster and Paxton

Make sure you attend the next Food Truck Bazaar on Sunday, August 14, 6pm - 10pm at the Oviedo Mall. Maybe you'll spot me there with a date. <cross fingers>

Richie B. with THE LAST ice cream 
from The Batter Bowl. Lucky duck.

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